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McNulty Management Consultants was formed in 1995. Dr Tony McNulty and his colleagues work with and advise Chief Executives, Directors, Senior Managers and Boards on strategy implementation, organisation development, executive development, team and change issues within a range of organisations.

We specialise in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of people and organisations. We bring management experience, knowledge and expertise, as well as academic rigour and a real-world understanding of people and organisations.

Assignments have involved: working with top management teams to improve focus, effectiveness and performance; one-on-one Executive coaching; carrying out organisation reviews; matching people against roles and management assessment; implementing organisational change, restructuring and performance management; developing new organisation structures and roles; defining the competencies required for successful performance; 360-degree feedback; facilitating meetings, workshops and executive retreats; benchmarking best practices; advising on pre and post acquisition due diligence in the areas of people and organisation.

Since 2010, as a vehicle for leadership development, we have been running our unique “Executive Leadership Groups.” These comprise bi-monthly all-day group meetings involving up to eight participants per group. From different organisations, over the course of six meetings, participants work together to help each other get focused insights and practical advice for solving their real-time business, management or organisational problems.

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McNulty Management Consultants

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