“Quick Coach”: short, sharp coaching for rapid results


Organisational performance can be affected when key or high potential staff have particular development needs. Careers can also derail when such needs are not addressed. In other cases, managers simply want a better understanding of how they are perceived, and how they could be more effective.

“Quick Coach” provides the solution. It targets development areas quickly and effectively. There is no commitment to any long-term arrangement with a coach. Participants:

The sequence of steps is as follows:

One: Getting structured feedback. Feedback is obtained from: the supervisor; up to four subordinates; four peers; and four external contacts/business associates. The on-line questionnaire, which the participant also completes, takes around twenty minutes. In some organisations, a senior HR person also completes the questionnaire (see http://www.mcnultymanagementconsultants.com/360info for an example of a partially-completed questionnaire).

Two: Preparing for the feedback. The consultants prepare feedback grouped by: supervisor; subordinates; peers; and externals (see http://www.mcnultymanagementconsultants.com/pdf/360output for an extract from the type of feedback participants receive). Participants also receive a comparative table based on our database of responses from other organisations – this can help calibrate the results and pinpoint development areas. Finally, each participant works through our “Career and Personal Development Manual” designed to help them: consider the implications of their 360-degree feedback; clarify their objectives; pinpoint their development priorities, plans and actions; and provide some development ideas.

Three: Meeting the coach. A first meeting is held with a coach. It usually lasts up to two hours. The implications of the feedback are explored and a workable development action plan designed. Often the consultant also provides some “here and now” feedback.

Four: Holding a ninety-day review. After three months, participant and consultant meet again. Progress against objectives is reviewed, further plans are developed, and the next steps finalised. If required, a further 360-degree exercise can be planned to track progress and pinpoint any perceived changes in behaviour or performance.


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