Managing my team, my career, and me: mid career and beyond


(An example of one of our executive development programmes)

Despite their prior training, practical experience and career success, executives in mid career and beyond often struggle with three issues:

  1. They still need fresh perspectives and new ideas to help them tackle the management challenges they face daily in a changing and increasingly diverse world.
  2. They worry about how best to prepare the next generation of management talent within their department, function or organisation.
  3. They want to begin planning for the remainder of their own careers, and specifically answer the question: “What does ambition mean to me now?”

This programme has been designed to meet these needs. Participants will:

This highly participative programme draws on questionnaires, plenary and group discussion, participant case studies, personal development activities, skill practice and a small number of lectures. In addition to feedback from their supervisor, participants identify up to four subordinates, four peers, and four external parties who complete a short web-based questionnaire.


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“I am always ready to learn, but I don’t always like being taught”
(Winston Churchill)

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