Improving organisation performance


Improving organisation performance is the aim of all our work. We use a variety of methods for helping clients achieve this. Most assignments have three phases: (1) diagnosing, (2) designing; and (3) delivering.

Phase One: Diagnosing

Some clients are very clear about what they want. Others know they have a problem, but cannot decide what to do. We work with our clients to help define the priority problems and identify the gap between where they are and where they need to be.

Phase Two: Designing

We outline possible approaches for closing the gap, and make recommendations as to the next steps. In conjunction with our client, we agree a work programme and some assignment objectives. Many assignments involve: an interview programme (we always send in advance a list of areas to be explored); group workshops; surveys; external research; and assessments of an organisation’s current methods and processes.

Phase Three: Delivering

Whatever the people, organisational or performance issues, we seek to deliver solutions which provide workable ways forward and address the problems. We see part of our mission as improving the signal to noise ratio for our clients: they may be thinking of any number of solutions to their problems; we point them towards what will make a difference, what they need to focus on.

Some examples of performance improvement projects we have delivered include:

Organisation reviews – these are typically in response to specific situations. We have conducted assignments when: a new CEO had taken over and wanted to get to grips with the organisation; a business unit was no longer delivering and it was affecting the bottom line; an acquisition was underperforming; an organisation had become too set in its ways, to the detriment of performance; an overseas asset was not working out; there was a dispute with a JV partner.

Organisation design and restructuring – sometimes organisations require a new structure, management processes, roles and performance targets. We develop solutions suited to a client’s circumstances, culture and strategy, rather than what may be in fashion.

Matching people and jobs – we frequently advise on the qualifications, skills, experience and competencies required for job holders from CEO downwards. As required, we provide a source of dispassionate, yet informed, advice so as to help get the right people in the right posts.


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